Anime Mid Atlantic 13 Report

I have to hand it to Anime Mid-Atlantic. They really know how to throw a party!

Whether you attended the Anime Mid-Atlantic for the cosplay, costumes, dances, video games, guests, contests, workshops , videos, card games or for the other fun activities – you could most likely enjoy doing it at Anime Mid-Atlantic.

Background of Anime Mid-Atlantic

Now in its thirteenth year, the Anime Mid-Atlantic is an annual event where fans of anime and video games come together sometimes to just hang out with new and old friends and have fun. You can dress up as your favorite anime or video game character in any form or fashion you like, of course, in adherence to the rules of the event.

Anime Mid-Atlantic was held on a beautiful weekend, June 14-16, 2013 at 725 Woodlake Dr., in Chesapeake, Virginia at the Marriott Hotel and the Chesapeake Convention Center. Yes, the fun is spread between two buildings including the walking areas between the two.

The Marriott Hotel and the Chesapeake Convention Center are conveniently located adjacent to other hotels – so if you were from out of town, you could stay either at the Marriott Hotel or at the other nearby hotels that were in walking distance.

Arrival at Anime Mid-Atlantic

I arrived at the Anime Mid-Atlantic event towards the end of Friday night, and activities were still in full swing. As I walked to the registration area in the hotel, I was met by one of the event’s security. Still remembering and stinging from the coldness I felt when I attended the Civil War V video game tournament that I covered a few months earlier, I had my guard up and immediately asked him why did he come up to me. He responded that he wanted to know if I had any questions, and decided to approach me. He seemed sincere, so I pushed my reservations about the atmosphere of the event aside and asked him where I could pick up my press badge .

On my way to pick up my badge, I met a young man who was dressed up in a costume that included a feminine looking tank top and shorts. He smiled and literally apologized to me for the costume that he was wearing, stating that he usually does not dress that way. I laughed and told him he was “looking good.”

From that moment on, I knew I would enjoy covering this event for Not only because of all the interesting events scheduled, but also and more importantly, everyone appeared to be very friendly and out to just have a good time.

Video Game Room at Anime Mid-Atlantic

My plan was to focus mostly on video games the first day of the event. So after receiving my participant badge, I walked the short distance from the Marriott Hotel to the Chesapeake Convention Center where the video game room was located.

On the way to the convention center, I enjoyed watching a dance contest where the participants were dressed up in costumes. I also enjoyed the performance of a hoola hoop dancer, who was dancing with a neon lighted hoop for a small group of admirers who had gathered around him. It was dark outside, so the bright colors of the hoola hoop shone brightly against the night. At one point during his performance, he jokingly said that he was getting tired, but he received a burst of energy and continued to perform when the cameras started flashing – including my own.


When I reached the convention center, I showed my badge to the two ladies seated at the entrance, and I was happy I had registered as a participant, because I was able to show my badge and get in. At that time, I had not picked up my press badge. I also like the fact that there was control as to who went where. I, along with other attendees had to show our badges to gain admittance to several events, which in my opinion was an effective security measure.

When I reached the video game room, the moderator was writing on a white board, changing the closing time for the video game room from 2:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Whew! I was glad that I made it there before they closed.

Once in the room, there were about 14 monitors on tables lining the walls with a Just Dance video game going on in full swing. Just about every type video game system was there, including the WII U.

A couple was dancing to the game, while two fully uniformed male and female police officers watched. Yes – in addition to having staff security personnel, the event also had uniformed policemen there as well. It’s possible that the policemen were there for the convention center security, instead of just for the event. The police officers were smiling as they watched the Just Dance video game couple perform – so it looks like in addition to their security duties, they were having fun as well..

In the far corner of the small video game room was a guitar hero type set up with a standing microphone and large monitor. After one group finished playing the game, a young lady who had just sung, asked if I wanted to play. I complimented her on her singing and declined the offer. If her personna was any indication of the type people attending this event, not only were they overtly friendly, but they were polite and cordial as well.

In addition to the newer games, there were also retro video games to be played. The retro game was centipede/space invaders, which I got the chance to play . I witnessed a high score obtained by a video game player. Interesting enough, within the next few minutes, I also witnessed the high score of the retro video game being broken by a much younger video game player.

Unfortunately, the video game room closed at about 1:00 a.m., and we all had to leave. But not to worry. There was still a crowd of people out in the convention areas as well as back at the Marriott Hotel.

Saturday at Anime Mid-Atlantic

Technically I was at the Anime Mid-Atlantic on Saturday, since it was about 1:30 a.m. when I left. I was prepared to make a late night appearance at the event Saturday night, but looking at the schedule, most of the events I wanted to cover had already happened.

The neat feature about the Anime Mid-Atlantic is that there was a schedule of events to cover just about every hour or so of the three days. You could either wander around and catch some of the happenings in an impromptu manner, or you could follow the schedule and pick and choose which events you wanted to attend.

Interview with Doug Smith, Graphic Artist/Voice Actor

My first order of business on Sunday was to pick up my press badge, which I’m happy to report was ready and waiting for me at the registration desk. When the volunteer staff handed my press badge he suffixed it with “Have fun! – which I’m glad to say — I did.

Located next to the registration room where I picked up my press badge was another conference room where a group of people seemed enthralled at listening to the presenter. I decided to attend this workshop that was headed by Doug Smith, a graphic artist as well as a guest at the event.

He gave training on graphic art drawing using the software, photoshop. In addition to demonstrating graphic design techniques, he also took interesting questions from the audience. Some of the questions asked and answered included how to show perspectives when drawing figures and objects, as well as how to show texture of items such as brushed metal, etc.

At the end of the workshop, I got the opportunity to interview Doug Smith, and in so doing, I found out that he was not only a graphic artist, but was also a voice actor. He told me the story of how he got into voice acting by accident when a company was looking for someone to play a part in voice acting, and he just happened to be seemingly there, at the right place and at the right time.


Other Anime Events

After leaving the workshop, I got the chance to see part of an anime movie in the video room, which was located next to the rooms where board games were being played.

I perused some of the tables that were located outside the conference rooms in the hallways. Some people were promoting other upcoming Anime events. In fact, I discovered there are several other Anime events that are happening in the near future.

Anime Pictures

As I continued to walk down the hallways that were bustling with people, most of whom were dressed up in costumes, I met a young lady who was dressed in a cute victorian type outfit and she had black and red ringlets for hair. I asked her if I could touch her hair, as well as take her picture – of which she replied yes to both.

Yaaaa!! I had taken my first of many pictures of creatively dressed anime costumed participants at the Anime Mid-Atlantic.

I decided to leave the Marriott and take a short walk over to the Chesapeake Convention Center to see what was happening over there.

When I reached the convention center, a group of people dressed up as their favorite anime characters were just outside the center playing a game similar to vogue – where you struck a pose when the music stopped and was eventually eliminated from the game. Everyone seemed to be having fun. This is where I took my second picture of an Anime costumed attendee who was dressed in a black suit and tie – which appeared ordinary enough; however there was one big difference. His face and head were completely covered in white cloth. Someone who was also taking a picture of him told me his name was “Slender” when I asked who he was portraying.


Anime Mid-Atlantic Territory

Two nights before, I did not realize the full extent of the Anime event that was going on in the convention center. At the time, I had only visited the video game room.

On Sunday, I found out there was a whole lot more at the convention center than the video game room. Apparently the Anime Mid-Atlantic covered a lot more territory than I thought.

The hallways were crowded with people, as well as vendors and it looked as if each conference room was also filled with people.

There was a large conference room set aside for autograph signing. I decided to stand in line to get my Anime Mid-Atlantic book signed. As I waited in line, I had an interesting conversation with a woman behind the desk leading up to the autograph signing about a topic I would not have correlated with anime. She told me about a website where there is an Anime cookbook. With the increase of cooking reality television shows, I should not have been surprised that cooking had made its way to anime!

I asked the guest who was signing my event book if he did any voice acting for video games. He said he would if he was asked; however, right now he did voice acting mostly for anime characters. I liked the fact that when he autographed my event book, he addressed it to me, Ms. H! – with an exclamation point after my name – very fitting to show just how much fun I was having at the event.

In fact, I was not the only one having fun there. In the autograph conference room, there was a large group of people sitting in the audience who were in amidst of friendly conversations, when I noticed a beach ball being hit back and forth over the crowd. Of course, I could not let this get by me without taking a picture.


A Real Live Anime Character at the Anime Mid-Atlantic

I next walked to the large vendor selling area. If you were in a buying mood, you could purchase items from any of the vendors set up in the hallways and some of the rooms.

In fact, the hallways were filled with tables where people were selling any and everything related to Anime.

Additionally, there was a large room set aside strictly for vendors which appeared to be filled to capacity. As I walked around the vendor area, I came across a booth where there was a young lady where I had to do a double take because she looked so much like a real life anime character. She was Japanese and had very long blue hair styled with bangs and two very long ponytails. I was getting ready to ask her if I could take her picture when her attention was drawn to someone else who was talking to her.

I found out later that she was Yunmao Ayakawa, one of the guests when she appeared at the closing ceremony of the event with an interpreter. I got the chance to take a picture of her at that time.

Art Auction at the Anime Mid-Atlantic

I checked the schedule and decided to make my way back to the Marriott Hotel to cover the art auction. While waiting for the art auction to start, I found a comfortable and convenient sitting area at a table located right next to the front window that faced the front of the hotel. It was here where I took lots of pictures of attendees dressed up in costumes.

In fact, I noticed a young man dressed up in an Assassin’s Creed outfit, which I took a picture of from a distance then, and closer pictures later when he made an appearance at the closing ceremonies.

By this time, it was about 2:30 p.m. on Sunday – almost time for the art auction! I went to the information desk and asked her where was Restaurant A which is where the art auction was held. She checked the schedule and told me the art auction ended at 12:30 p.m. Unfortunately, the schedule I had was not the very latest, or had been changed. Even though the art auction was over, I still had time to take more pictures of all the interesting anime costumed attendees – so all was not lost.


Anime Mid-Atlantic Closing Ceremonies

The closing ceremonies were scheduled to be held at 3:30 p.m. at the Chesapeake Convention Center on Sunday, June 16, 2013. To make sure there were no schedule changes, I verified the place and time – which had not changed.

I made the short trek from the Marriott Hotel back to the convention center. The weather was absolutely beautiful outside, with sunny, blue skies – so the walk was an enjoyable one for me, in and of itself. Plus I met interesting costumed characters along the way.

After reaching the convention center and before going to the closing ceremony, I quickly checked the video game room to see if any changes had been made in the set up, etc.. The video game room was a little crowded than before; however, the set up was the same.

After leaving the video game room, I went to the closing ceremonies.

Everyone entering had to show their badge – which I again thought was a good security measure.

The closing ceremony consisted of the MC, Daniel Taraschke , thanking every body – jokingly, for not tearing the “place” down. He then thanked everyone for coming and hoped that everyone had fun. Next the guests were introduced and took the stage to additionally offer their thanks as well. Most of the guests were there with the exception of a few who had to leave early. The guest who I had interviewed earlier, Doug Smith, was introduced by the MC as their very own Tarzan — took the stage and thanked every one. Some guests actually ran up to and jumped up on the stage as a way to show their enthusiasm for the event.

After presenting fan favorites awards, the MC ended the show requesting a group picture of the audience, with everyone posed with one arm outstretched with a finger pointing. I moved over to the center audience section to be sure I would be pictured and joined in the fun.

In the midst of taking the group picture, someone asked if there was a beach ball around. Sadly, there was no beach ball to be thrown; however, the audience made up for it afterwards, by some posing for pictures and others doing impromptu dances.

After waiting in line, I was able to interview Daniel Taraschke and obtained his assessment of the overall event. In his words, he dubbed the event, “a success.”