Apple Doubles iPad 2

iPad 2



Not even a year since the iPad was released, we are already hearing rumors and speculations about the next version of the iPad which is most likely to be iPad 2. The iPad 2 is expected to pack a whole lot of features with double as much as the features that we saw in the first installment of the iPad. The iPad one itself was a big development and it revived the deprecated tablet industry. Ever since the iPad was released, we have seen a lot of tablets in the market to provide competition to it. The next iPad will surely beat the iPad in all the terms and some of the rumored configurations are too good to be true.


iPad 2 – A revealation



From the rumors that we have heard, it is most likely that the iPad will have two cameras out of which one will be the front facing one and the other will be a rear camera. The screen has been upgraded to the ultra resolution retina display. The one thing that was lacking all of the Apple’s product was the micro SD slot and that is exactly what we are expecting to see in the new and upgraded iPad 2. A dual core processor rumor is looming large and that will be very liking as Apple has moved on to a new chipset manufacturer. Out of all the rumors that have been flying out, the camera one seems to be the most likely as it was suggested by the iOS 4.3 beta version. The beta version of the iOS 4.3 suggested that apple is likely to introduce a twin camera for the iPad 2 since there were icons seen in the screen for the Camera, Facetime. The micro SD slot rumor came from the cover case designer in China as the covers were said to have openings for a micro SD card slot.



iPad 2 – A True Double



The name iPad 2 rightly fits for the next version of the iPad because of a simple reason that all the features of the current iPad will be doubled. There will be two cameras, a dual core processor, a dual SIM, a doubled RAM of 512MB. And from the consumers side, they also surely expect the price to be double as that of the iPad. The iPad 2 will be released sometime later in the 2011.