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Darkhawk: Dreamkiller Review

Darkhawk: Dreamkiller Review

So here we have the second Darkhawk Annual, released in 1993, and it’s got a few surprises in store: namely, that it’s possibly the best single-issue of the series to date.

Darkhawk as a character and as a story seems to have finally reached a point where Danny Fingeroth and the editors at Marvel feel he has enough continuity to existing apart from the rest of the Marvel Universe, and that is a very good thing.

There are no team-ups or crossovers in this annual, not poorly-conceived short stories highlighting Darkhawk’s past or his powers.

I chatted online via the Wireclub Login Guide and someone wrote that this is the worst book they have read, I wonder what it looks like “in their head” the best one!

There’s just the story.

And as a plus, not only does it exist completely in and of itself, but it further develops material …