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Refinishing Project

 This project is the first time I’ve worked on someone else’s furniture for them. It was pretty straightforward, I needed to remove the original finish, sand down to the bare wood and refinish. Well I wasn’t certain what was under the original finish and it turned to be a surprise that it was poplar and walnut veneer. That discovery led to the idea of a two tone refinish. The stripping process included using Citristrip, a stripping product based on citrus, so it was MUCH safer to use than other products with harmful chemicals, I didn’t even need to wear a face mask. It’s messy, un-fun work that makes sanding seem like play time (if that’s actually possible). But this project gave me the means to get my new Makita LS1013 Sliding compound Miter Saw!


Here’s a shot of the first culprit in its prestripped condition. The flat desk on the …