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Week 33

Writing down my thoughts and feelings through this upheaval has proved really helpful to me. I highly recommend it. There is no reason you need to share it with the world as I have, but spilling my guts has really helped me to deal with the stress of it all. You probably guessed that I would never be considered a “private” person which is hilarious when you look at how opposite I am from my husband. He wouldn’t even let me put his name in here until recently. :o) But just so you know, what I put in here isn’t the sum total of my angst and troubles. The reason I feel compelled to say so is that when I read this journal, it seems to have more of a rosy glow than my real life. Some of what is left out is too personal, (even for a woman with …

Learn How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

 Learn How To Get Rid Of Dandruff


Severe Dandruff on an Onslaught



How Does It Begin—Severe Dandruff



Is severe dandruff something to be feared? Many people think that the worst conditions or diseases are those with symptoms that debilitate you or limit you from doing your daily routines, like your household chores, work, hobbies and sports, or even getting a well-relaxed sleep. However, the severity does not just rely on the number patients it has killed, the amount of media coverage gets, or the enormous amounts of books and journals being written about it.


Sometimes, it also depends on the fact that it has affected a number of individuals in the past, still continues to affect numbers at present, and still isn’t given much attention up to the point that an infected person sometimes doesn’t even know that he already has severe dandruff. Just imagine a bank …