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Best Dog Training Tips

Best Dog Training Tips for a Happy Dog Owner

 Past of the Labrador Retriever



The Labrador Retriever is loved and often known as among the finest over-all dogs in the world and is particularly used primarily as being a family friend. It’s by far the most popular dog in the United States, Canada together with the UK. It comes in three colours, yellow, black and chocolate. His conventional role has been for retrieving game but in modern-day times has been used very effectively being a ‘sniffer’ for drugs and explosives and as a guide dog for the blind. Because of his excellent weather-resistant coat, distinctive otter like tail and webbing to his toes, he also makes an excellent water dog as well as being employed for waterfowl retrieval.


They originated within the island of Newfoundland, now component of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada; where they were employed to retrieve fish …