Has Simon Cowell Lost Weight? Turns Out That the Answer is YES

If you have seen a picture of Simon Cowell recently, you are probably thinking ‘wow’.

For a guy who has always been known for Having a little bit of chunk on him (I guess the whole music mogul thing is draining?).

He has lost a fair bit of weight.

In fact, in recent weeks, he has claimed he has lost almost 10kg.

So, what is the secret to this rapid weight loss?

Well, it turns out that it isn’t really that difficult to do at home on your own.

Simon Cowells that his rapid weight loss is all down to the fact that he switched to a vegan diet.

So, what triggered Simon Cowell to go down the route of an all Vegan diet?

Well, I don’t know if you have been keeping up with the world of celebs, but a couple of years ago, Simon fainted due to low blood pressure.

It was at this time that a specialist told him that a vegan diet would be the best route to go for him.

Turns out, the specialist was correct.

As far as I know, Simon has not suffered from any of the health concerns that he had before.

Obviously, it doe mean that he has had to cut some delicious food out of his diet, but the fact that he has added a couple of years to his life is probably going to more than make up for that.