How To Conceive A Boy

Many couples these days are asking the question of how to conceive a boy using natural gender selection methods. The reason for asking the question may be because they only plan on having one child and would like for it to be a boy, or perhaps because they already have girls and want to even it out a bit.


We all know that if you are happy to, and you have the money, there are plenty of gender selection clinics out there that will offer you artificial methods to conceive a boy. These processes are not at all guaranteed to induce a baby boy for you, and they also take all the fun out of conceiving a child. So this site has been put together to give you information on the natural methods of how to conceive a boy. We will also be adding lots of pages on pregnancy in general so you can use the site as a place to come back to time and time again for all sorts of pregnancy hints and tips.


But for now, let’s focus on the reason why you are reading this page. We should start by giving an overview of how the gender of your baby is determined in the traditional and natural ways of getting pregnant.


You should understand that the sperm chromosomes that make a boy (Y) and those that will make a girl (X) have different patterns and behaviors. The Y chromosome, which is the one you are interested in, move at high speed to try and get to the egg, but they are fairly weak and in most cases will not make the journey. They are likely to break up and die out within a couple of days, or even sooner if the vaginal tract is too acidic. So the answer here is to use conception techniques that will favor the weak but fast male chromosome.


The X chromosome acts differently. These move slowly and are strong so will last longer. They can hang around for four or five days in the right conditions while they wait for the egg without getting weak and dying. This needs to be considered when choosing your technique for getting pregnant as you ideally need to take action to ensure the male Y chromosome has a better chance.


Taking this initial information in to account tells us that the time to try and conceive a boy naturally is within three days of ovulation to give the Y a much better chance of survival and success. You can use an ovulation calendar to help you determine the exact time window which are very useful. It is important to get this time window right as failure to do so will mean that you are giving the X a much better chance of fertilizing the egg.


As well as ovulation calendars, other techniques used are temperature monitoring and assessing the consistency of cervical mucus. With the right ovulation monitoring program, you should be able to work out fairly precisely when the best time is for you to try and conceive. It is well worth investing in an ovulation predictor kit to help with all this.


So, now you have determined the best time to conceive, what’s next? Well now you need to ensure that the environment that the sperm are traveling in is suited more to the Y than it is to the X chromosomes. You need to monitor the acidic levels of your vaginal tract using PH testing strips which you should be able to get from your local pharmacy and then you should alter your diet to ensure that the levels are more alkaline than they are acid as this is the best for sperm carrying the Y chromosome.


Ok, so you know when your best time is, and you have worked on developing the right environment for your male chromosome to have the best chance of fertilizing your egg to give you a bouncing baby boy. Now you need to ensure that you use the correct methods of intercourse to increase the chances even more. There is a lady called Alicia Pennington who can help you here with her book called Prince or Princess. Alicia has used certain natural gender selection methods to ensure she had her family the way she wanted it. She has gone on to write a book with all the information needed for success. Her methods have been used by many couples who want to know how to conceive a boy and have achieved a success rate of over 94% Click on the banner below and at least take a look at what she has to say.