Learn How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

 Learn How To Get Rid Of Dandruff


Severe Dandruff on an Onslaught



How Does It Begin—Severe Dandruff



Is severe dandruff something to be feared? Many people think that the worst conditions or diseases are those with symptoms that debilitate you or limit you from doing your daily routines, like your household chores, work, hobbies and sports, or even getting a well-relaxed sleep. However, the severity does not just rely on the number patients it has killed, the amount of media coverage gets, or the enormous amounts of books and journals being written about it.


Sometimes, it also depends on the fact that it has affected a number of individuals in the past, still continues to affect numbers at present, and still isn’t given much attention up to the point that an infected person sometimes doesn’t even know that he already has severe dandruff. Just imagine a bank security guard at his nigh duty, sitting comfortably, thinking that the vault is completely locked and safe. Unknowingly, it has already been emptied by a sneaky thief disguised as someone that he regularly sees in the bank.


Severe dandruff starts from something as simple as oil production by our sebaceous glands, being stimulated to produce more than the usual. Since we got used to having oily faces after a stressful day, a day without a bath, drinking too much alcohol with our drinking buddies, or not eating the right kinds of food, we then take it for granted. Of course anyone with all or quite a few of the above mentioned reasons would experience a start with an itch or two. Until it progresses to an inflammation and an irritation. This is called seborrheic dermatitis. This may lead to the individual or shall I say victim or patient, having bran-like and greasy scaling which in turn become flakes that seem like snowflakes falling on a winter’s snow upon scratching. Not only the scalp is affected by this. Even areas of your faces such as the ridges of your nose, the skin around it, the linings of your cheeks, and even your eyebrows and sideburns can be affected by dandruff. These areas are those with the most oil produced, and places where regular hygiene is definitely needed.


This condition intensifies during the winter time. The severity of dandruff can be determined without the urgency of seeking professional or medical attention. The simple observation of having flaking, scaling and itching with small pink to read patching in areas other than the scalp will already be your sign in determining that your condition has moved up to severe dandruff.


Is it too late to regain what was lost by severe dandruff?



Since the pathogen for this condition is a fungus, the Pityrosporum ovale, you may relieve the symptoms and the severity of the condition by using anti-fungal ointments or anti-dandruff shampoos with the following in its content: ciclopirox, tar, selenium sulfide, salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc, or ketoconazole. These substances eliminates the fungus infestation in the regions affected by severe dandruff. The idea is to take away whatever is promoting its continued growth and multiplication.


Once It’s Dead, The Fight Against Severe Dandruff Doesn’t End There



It is not enough to simply eradicate the symptoms or lessen the severity. The main goal should be directed on curing it and making sure to prevent it from occurring once again. After treating your condition, you will need to change the previous habits or lifestyle which led to you having this severe dandruff. You can start by having adequate rest and avoiding stressing out yourself. Avoid activities that will not only burn out your energy, but will also burnout the vitality of your organs and its defenses. Make sure to choose the foods you eat. You may consult a dietician for the right foods to eat to avoid stimulating excessive oil production by your sebaceous glands. You may also have a regular anti-dandruff shampoo for your daily use to promote good and quality hygiene and ensure a prevention in areas usually affected such as your scalp. Lastly, make use of the information you have acquired from this article; pass it on to others to help increase the number of individuals that are aware and ready to take a stand against severe dandruff.