Lenovo IdeaPad U1

Lenovo IdeaPad



So far the laptops and tablets have been separate entities and to bridge the gap between them, there has been an innovation from Lenovo and it has come in the form of IdeaPad. The new innovative technology has been released at CES 2011 in Las Vegas and is available for sale in China. The IdeaPad combines the elegance and briskness of Windows Operating system in its laptop mode and the open source power of Android OS in its tablet mode. The IdeaPad can be used as both a tablet and as a laptop. The IdeaPad is combined form of the tablet called LePad being named after its manufacturer and a laptop.


IdeaPad – LePad



The tablet part of the IdeaPad, LePad can be detached from the IdeaPad and can be used as a tablet when separated. The tablet runs on a 1.3GHz Snapdragon processor. The touch screen is fully capacitive and is a full touch screen. The tablet can be linked with the laptop through a USB cable and also the two modes can be toggled using the switch by flipping on the screen. The Android OS which is 2.2 Froyo of now is overlapped with Lenovo’s SkyLight UI. The switch over between the two modes is expected to be as fast as 2 seconds.


IdeaPad – Laptop



The laptop part of the IdeaPad looks quite like a normal laptop, but has much more to offer with its screen. The laptop runs on a Intel CULV processor which is quite impressive. The hard disk used for the laptop is a Solid State Drive which is expected to reduce the fetching time from the hard disk. The operating system which is seen on the laptop is Windows 7 Home Premium. One of the amazing things about the IdeaPad is that after the tablet is removed, the Laptop behind it does not shut down, it keeps running. After the work on the tablet is completed, it can be attached to the laptop and the work on the Windows can be resumed.


The Price of the tablet when sold alone is US$500 and when the entire IdeaPad along with the laptop is purchased US$1300.