Apple Doubles iPad 2

iPad 2



Not even a year since the iPad was released, we are already hearing rumors and speculations about the next version of the iPad which is most likely to be iPad 2. The iPad 2 is expected to pack a whole lot of features with double as much as the features that we saw in the first installment of the iPad. The iPad one itself was a big development and it revived the deprecated tablet industry. Ever since the iPad was released, we have seen a lot of tablets in the market to provide competition to it. The next iPad will surely beat the iPad in all the terms and some of the rumored configurations are too good to be true.


iPad 2 – A revealation



From the rumors that we have heard, it is most likely that the iPad will have two cameras out of which …

MSI Windpad 100 Review – Windows 7 based tablet device

A few months back, at the Computex press conference, MSI had launched their Windows based tablet device named MSI Windpad 100. It’s a 10-inch tablet device with the best operating system for laptops, but there were a few disappointing features too. The device looks pretty cheap, blaming the plastic body finish, compared to the Apple iPad’s metal external body, and the logo was given much importance which looks ugly. Despite everything, the device still looks OK and one of the reasons why it’s worth a try, is that it isn’t just another android tablets that are being released every other day. It comes with the Windows 7 Starter edition. And the weight of the device is more than that of the iPad, at 800 gms.


The MSI Windpad 100 is powered by a 1.66GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, which isn’t good enough when you are sporting an operating system used …

Lenovo IdeaPad U1

Lenovo IdeaPad



So far the laptops and tablets have been separate entities and to bridge the gap between them, there has been an innovation from Lenovo and it has come in the form of IdeaPad. The new innovative technology has been released at CES 2011 in Las Vegas and is available for sale in China. The IdeaPad combines the elegance and briskness of Windows Operating system in its laptop mode and the open source power of Android OS in its tablet mode. The IdeaPad can be used as both a tablet and as a laptop. The IdeaPad is combined form of the tablet called LePad being named after its manufacturer and a laptop.


IdeaPad – LePad



The tablet part of the IdeaPad, LePad can be detached from the IdeaPad and can be used as a tablet when separated. The tablet runs on a 1.3GHz Snapdragon processor. The touch …

How To Conceive A Boy

Many couples these days are asking the question of how to conceive a boy using natural gender selection methods. The reason for asking the question may be because they only plan on having one child and would like for it to be a boy, or perhaps because they already have girls and want to even it out a bit.


We all know that if you are happy to, and you have the money, there are plenty of gender selection clinics out there that will offer you artificial methods to conceive a boy. These processes are not at all guaranteed to induce a baby boy for you, and they also take all the fun out of conceiving a child. So this site has been put together to give you information on the natural methods of how to conceive a boy. We will also be adding lots of pages on pregnancy in …